Consultancy work for the research activities related to pesticide – Consultant 01

Vietnam faces many serious environmental problems compounded by climate change and global warming: land degradation, air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, and declining biodiversity.

Now, the environmental pollution caused by the over use and defective storage of pesticides is becoming alarming. A large amount of now-obsolete pesticides remain in warehouses from the subsidy period 1975 – 1990 and are threatening the health of local people and degrading the environment. In addition, many farmers continue to overuse pesticides because of the propensity to diseases in agriculture induced by climate change effects, and the economic pressures they face to sustain high productivity.


In order to achieve the assignment’s objective, as outlined above, the consultant team will be required to perform the following tasks:
Main consultants:

  • Closely work with the team of CSRD to get information related to research activities;
  • Follow the structure for research report recommended by CSRD;
  • Closely work with CSRD researchers to build up high quality maps.

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