Pesticides Training for 400 people in Huong Hoa district

Pesticides Training for 400 people in Huong Hoa district

The Centre for Social Research and Development (CSRD) is working with the Department of Plant Protection (DPP) in Quang Tri Province to train local farmers to use pesticides more safely.  During two weeks in July, CSRD organized 8 training courses on “Manage and use pesticides safely and effectively ” for nearly 400 people from 08 communes: A Tuc, Tan Lien, Xy, A Doi, Thuan, Tan Long, Pa Tang and Khe Sanh town, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province.

Participants join the training course in Tan Long commune.
Participants join a discussion group on the use of pesticides.

Huong Hoa district has more than 25,000ha of agricultural cultivation, mainly for cassava, coffee and pepper cultivation. The use of large quantities of pesticides is a matter of local concern because this is a district located in the watershed, the people’s education level is low.  Unsafe use of chemical pesticides will affect water and the environment and will have a negative impact on the health of people, especially when people take fresh water directly from rivers and streams.

The main participants in the training courses were farmers, managers of crop clubs, pesticide shop owners and commune officials in Huong Hoa district.

Through training courses, staff from the DPP provided local people with basic knowledge about climate change and the impact of climate change on agricultural production. In addition, people were told how to identify some common pesticides used in agricultural production and how to use pesticides using the principles of the “4 rights”, and about safety for the environment and human health. The participants used protective gear and on-site mixing techniques to minimize the harm from using them. Methods of collection and treatment of waste from pesticides were also introduced during the training program.

Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Thế – Head of DPP for Huong Hoa district said: “People here spray a lot, especially with plant fertilisers.  They are unaware of the danger of these chemicals to their own health or the impact on the environment. I find that this training course is really essential for the people”. Mr Nguyễn Văn Hoạt (Pa Tầng commune) agreed: “The content of the training is very practical. I will remember and share it with the people who didn’t participate in this training so they will have as much knowledge as me”.

Participant speaking in a discussion group.
Participants practice mixing pesticides and using safety gear in Ba Tang Commune.


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