This project follows on from the work and achievements of 2014 [Monitoring the Environmental impact of Dams 2014 Project].

The communities that have been relocated to new areas by the building of the hydropower dams are still living in very difficult circumstances and seeking social justice. [Why Hydropower dams cause social and environmental problems] 

This phase will continue to strive for solutions to their problems. Also the project aims to develop a network of communities affected by hydropower development, where people can exchange information and advocate for their rights and for environmental protection. The project also continues to work for the voice of women in the communities. [Why is Gender an issue in VietnamFinally, it will work to encourage dialogue between all stakeholders – communities, government agencies and dam owners – to work towards solutions that maintain the integrity of the environment and provide a solution to the affected communities.

Donor: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS)
Project Date:  2015-2017
Location: Central and Central Highlands, Vietnam