Plastic pollution in our oceans is a major global problem which needs support and action from international, national and local communities.
Hue City contributes to this global problem. It produces nearly 20 tons of plastic waste every day and some of this makes its way into the Huong (Perfume) River and on into the sea. Thien Thua Hue Province has prepared a Master Plan with a vision for 2050 to manage its solid waste management, but it will require coordinated and committed action across the whole community to achieve its vision. This project will contribute to that vision by promoting the 3Rs (reduce, re-use, recycle), by introducing waste separation at selected local schools, through public involvement in the 5% reduction target, and through media publicity.
The aim of the project is to reduce and recycle plastic waste in and around Hue City. Wewill achieve this aim through three linked projects which will have impacts on solid waste in the City, on the river, and at the coast (at the source, in transit and at destination). The project aligns particularly well with MWRP objectives funded by USAID.
Project objectives and associated activities are described below:

  • To raise students’ and community awareness of the negative impacts of plastic waste on the environment;
  • To raise awareness and change practice through different and innovative measures to reduce plastic pollution;
  • To reduce plastics pollution in local schools, on the Huong River, and on the coast;
  • To change people’s behaviour and actions to protect the environment

The result of waste separation at 6 schools after 9 months is 1,480kg: Plastic&Metal, 1098,2kg: Paper -> 6.386.920VND. The entire amount of selling recycle waste will be supplemented to the activity fund of school or awarded for the environmental volunteers.