The Manual: Community consultation and monitoring on the impact of hydropower

According to the report of the Commission on Science, Technology, Environment and Government, by 2013 the whole country of Vietnam has had 113 terraced Hydroelectric power plants on some major rivers and 1,108 small hydropower plants are now being projected.

In the view of sustainable development, any projects can be considered as a  contribution to the general prosperity for society when it does not make life of any members of the society worse. However, the issue is difficult to apply in practice because the majority of development projects often have inequitable distribution of benefits and risk sharing.

The development of this manual is important as it illustrates the many evidences of hydropower impacts on the environment and society. This manual was produced when state policies and guidelines were aimed at promoting the role of community participation and supervision. If this role is developed well, the community will help share in environmental management and also in the reduction of impacts for themselves and for the whole community.

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