The research results about project The Value chain of recyclable in Hue City

In 2018, the Centre for Social Research and Development (CSRD), a local NGO in Vietnam, conducted the project “City to River to Coast” with the overall objective of reducing and recycling plastic waste in and around Hue City.

Low-value plastics are utilised for economic gain.

The project aims to promote the 3Rs practices (reduce, reuse, recycle) by introducing waste separation at selected local schools, through public involvement in the 5% reduction target, and through media publicity.
After almost a year, the project has implemented a range of awareness raising activities and set up 06 source separation systems at 06 schools. The primary results are significant. CSRD intends to understand how informal collection system of recyclable waste is working, and the current state of the value chain of recyclable waste in Hue city.
An integrated approach to sustainably develop the city is integral to change the practice of waste management and reach a 5% waste reduction target by 2050. In collaboration with CSRD, this project is guided by the directions in Thua Thien Hue Province’s Solid Waste Management Master Plan (2030) and Vision (2050). By aligning strongly with this Master Plan, we believe that we will achieve long term and sustainable benefits for Hue and the Province.
The following research project aims to develop a better understanding about the value chain of recyclable waste in Hue City so that CSRD can better plan its interventions for better waste collection systems, promote the role of vulnerable women in the informal sector, and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.
Research report: Examining the Value Chain of Recyclable Waste in Hue City – 2019: Detail

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