Working with the Community on Disaster Risk Management

Working with the Community on Disaster Risk Management

CSRD has been working with the community to recognise and develop the role of women in Disaster Risk Management.  CSRD coordinated ten discussion groups in December 2017 to collect information about how women assist in Disaster Risk Management,

and what the barriers and opportunities are for decision-making and policy development.  The discussions groups were conducted at three communes around the Tam Giang Lagoon (Quang Loi, Hai Duong and Loc Vinh communes) and in Hue City, and were facilitated by Ms Nguyen Thi Phuc Hoa, a consultant with many years of professional experience.

Women contribute to the project with many positive and creative ideas.
They use their common sense and initiative to solve problems.

Natural disasters affect everyone, but the impacts on women and men are completely different.  Women suffer most from natural disasters but they are also the ones who offer the solutions, knowledge and experience to minimise the risks of natural disasters.  Experience shows that they play a major role in disaster risk reduction and that they adapt well to climate change.  However, their importance isn’t properly recognised and they are limited in their ability to participate and make decisions in the family and in the wider society.  Thanks to the participation of women in this project, disaster management activities in these localities will be more effective and economic losses will be minimized.  The project will bring about practical benefits through some positive activities which will enhance the participation of women in professional organisations and all levels of the Women’s Union.

Activities for the project “Improved Flood Resilience in the Coastal Areas, Lagoons and Urban Centres of Thua Thien Hue Province” are coordinated by a partnership between CSRD, Potsdam University (Germany) and Amsterdam University (Netherlands).

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